Florida CPA Requirements – The CPA Exam Requirements for Florida

by Sunil

This is a summary of the Florida CPA requirements.

Each State in the United States administers the CPA rules independently, and there can be significant differences from one State to another both to sit for the CPA exam and then to get your CPA license.

Each State has established a Board of Accountancy that is the official governing body of the CPA profession in that State. It is the Board of Accountancy in Florida that determines what the Florida CPA requirements are.

Summary of Florida CPA Requirements

To sit for the CPA test in Florida one must have at least 120 credit hours.  To gain the CPA’s license one must have the full 150 credit hours plus one year of work experience.

Ethics Qualifications:

  • None (lol – are Florida CPAs unethical?)

Education Requirements

  • Person must have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Person must have 120 credit hours from an accredited education or university institution
  • Person must have 24 hours of accounting classes at the upper level of school (Junior or Senior)
  • Person must include auditing, cost and managerial and accounting taxation
  • Persons who have non-accounting majors or the elementary years accounting classes for MBA’s will not be counted
  • Person must have 24 credit hours in business
  • Person must have 1 credit hour in Macroeconomics
  • Person must have 1 credit hour in Statistics
  • Person must have 1 credit hour in Business Law
  • Person must have 1 credit hour in Introduction to computers. These credit hours can be of the lower division
  • Person must have 6 credit hours in business law

Oh my – are we sure this is granular enough? Geeez

Residency & Age Requirements

  • US citizenship not required
  • Florida residency not required
  • Minimum age: none

Florida State Board requires a Social Security Number (SSN) to sit for the CPA exam and getting the CPA license.

Other Requirements

  • Persons that have 2 years passed since they passed their Uniform CPA test must have 80 CPE hours with 20 in accounting and 20 in behavior subjects this is mandatory
  • Person must have 1 year work related experience supervised by an individual with an active CPA license in the United States. Or
  • Person must have 5 years of work related experience supervised by a Chartered accountant in Canada or CA/CPA’s in Australia
  • Person can do either public or Non-Public accounting for both cases

Costs Involved

Initial Application Fee:$50






Florida State Board of Accountancy Contact Information

240 NW 76 Drive, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32607

Email: Call.Center@dbpr.state.fl.us, cpaes-fl@nasba.org
Phone: 850-487-1395
Fax: 850-921-6636

Don’t Meet the Florida CPA Requirements?

Florida is what’s known as a 2-tier state which means that the person must hold both a CPA license but also the CPA certificate.  People who have a certification from another state can come to Florida and transfer what’s known as Exam Credits, those who do this have to meet the new rules for educational requirements.

No matter what the length of time the person has held their certificate, if the AICPA uniform CPA test was passed 2 or more years previous to the application in Florida, then the person must finish the CPE as explained earlier. The certificate must be active in order to do a Transfer of Credit.

Continuing Education – The Florida CPA CPE Requirements

  • A person who has completed the CPE credits pay a $105.00 license renewal fee
  • The CPE classes must be finished by June 30 of the renewal year.  There are 2 automatic extensions that can be used by the person with the License.
    • The first extension is September 15 and has the person do an additional 8 hours of accounting and auditing credit hours.  So the total number of hours for the CPE would go from 80 hours to 88 hours.
    • The second extension is December 31 and has the person do an additional 16 hours of accounting and auditing credit hours. So the total number of hours for the CPE would total 96 hours, with at least 36 of those hours based in Accounting and Auditing.

How to Get Your Florida CPE Credits

Contact the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation for further information on CPE credits.

What To Do Next?

It appears that you are on your way to taking the CPA exam, which is one of the toughest professional certification exams out there. The average pass rate is under 50%. You can read more about that here.

However, if you take a CPA exam review course, the average pass rate shoots up to over 80%, and in some cases even as high as 88%. I have written a review of all the top CPA review courses here if you’d like to check it out.

I highly recommend you take a CPA review course if you are serious about passing the CPA exam. Not doing so will only cost you more time and money over the long haul.

If you want to read about my story and how I passed all four parts of the CPA exam on my first shot, you can read about it here.

I hope you feel better prepared for the Florida CPA requirements after reading this part of my website. I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask your questions using the form below. You can also talk to me on Facebook, where I am a lot quicker to respond.

All the best to you!

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